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Written by on August 10, 2015


SPEAK Easy – As I sit alone in my four cornered man cave with my Beats by Dre headphones on staring at my DSM-5 book I begin to ponder how Andre Young can openly admit that he has ghost writers yet makes the best rap album of the year. The last few weeks, the internet has been flooded with the oversaturation of the Drake and Meek beef over who penned lyrics. Another thing that I marvel at is that hip-hop is supposed to be a young man’s game, yet a 50 year old billionaire is reminding the world just who “started this gangsta sh!t. Lastly, unless they hit us with some unknown NWA facts in this movie, we will have another soundtrack that  is better than the friggin movie. Oh, yeah. The following paragraphs will offer my personal thoughts on the album Detox…. I mean Compton. I’ll be offering another point of view, going track by track like we used to do back in the day. So uh….Like we always do about this time…

Danny P Ocean – Well just like that, after 16 years that seemed more like 3 lifetimes Dr. Dre has dropped a new album. Within less than a year’s time we got new music from Dr. Dre AND D’Angelo. Who would have thunk? Now all we need is a new OutKast or Andre 3000 album and we can die satisfied. 

1) Intro

SPEAK Easy – The narrative is pretty cool. The beat gives you that “Awwwww shit” kind of feeling. Starts off all victorious and then gets dark.

Danny P Ocean – What a good way to start the album out. Some news cat is breaking down the history of Compton California which is all news to me, because I just assumed Compton was always a dangerous hood. I never knew it was once a bright spot of Los Angeles. 

2) Talk About It

SPEAK Easy – Nice first track. I’m like “who are these rappers spittin with Dre?” They could’ve kept the Drake sounding hook though. However, King Mez & Justus bring the heat on it.

Danny P Ocean – OK… hold up…. this sounds like some bullshit. Dr. Dre with the fake ass Drizzy Drake rap style. Not feeling it. If this is what we have to look forward to I can see why Detox sat on the shelf for years up on years. Hopefully it gets better than this. 

3) Genocide

SPEAK Easy – Damn I missed banging beats. The reggae /hip-hop combination is perfectly executed. Dre embraces a nice rhyme pattern/cadence on this track. King Kunta (Kendrick) spits vicious bars on this one. I dig the hook too!

Danny P Ocean – Now this is what I was waiting for. This is some straight gangster shit here, no fluff about it. And Dre sounds like Dre. Well a new style Dre. It’s amazing how a 50 year old man can rap better than most of these new cats out here. And then Kendrick slides thru and drops a verse that was hotter than his whole last album, (yep I wasn’t a fan of the Butterfly joint!). GOod shit Dre, what a way to make up for that first track. 

4) It’s All On Me

SPEAK Easy – I dig the story. Going down memory lane. If you recorded music in a home studio before the late 90’s then you can feel what Dre is talking about recording on a “Foe (Not Four) Track.” Dre paints the picture of how the crew and others depended on him and his talent. I like how he covered everything from NWA through Death Row. Interesting how he referenced Suge.

Danny P Ocean – A smooth track right here that is only missing Nate Dogg. This joint is smoother than a sea lions ass. And once again Dre sounds slick with his delivery. I can imagine some cats with shades and curls drippin’ playing the shit out of the guitar anshit. Ok I feel you Dre. 

5) All In A Day’s Work

SPEAK Easy – Sick sick bassline!!! Marsha! Marsha!! Marsha!!! She kills it. “…back when a rappers needed guns way more than a stylist.” #MESSAGE Anderson Paak, an artist I haven’t heard of prior to this project, is quite impressive on this track.

Danny P Ocean – Who is this lil nigga right here? Reminds me of a raspy Flav playing backup to Dre’s Chuck D. I can dig it. Another hot track that keeps ya head nodding. So far the OG is 3 for 4, he batting 75%. Except real talk these last three tracks make up for the weak ass Drake sounding first track. And I must say the production on these tracks are on some Stevie Wonder meets Quincy Jones meets Dr. Dre shit. Outstanding. 

6) Darkside/Gone

SPEAK Easy – I love the swing on this joint. The guitar is fresh too. King Mez holds his own on a track with these heavy hitters. Marsha’s voice is golden. The switch up of the beat is just ill. Ok Kendrick hits another home run on this ish.

Danny P Ocean – Damn DRE!!!!! This is fucking FIRE!!!! The flows….. delivery…… production…… what the hell. This song is damn near perfect, especially when he dropped in the lil shout out to his nigga Easy! This is how you produce a hip hop album ladies and gentlemen. Time to take niggas to the next level. This is the hardest shit since MC Ren. 

7) Loose Cannons

SPEAK Easy – Mr. Pimp My Ride (Xzibit) can still rap! He did his thing. Another nice beat change up. Cold 187um…eh. The shooting the girl part was a little over the top and I found it to be stupid.

Danny P Ocean – This track is a let down slightly compared to the last 4 songs. I don’t care for it as much, BUT Xzibit makes up for the average sounding track. Thanks Xzibit. 

8) Issues

SPEAK Easy – I heard Mos Def spit over the same sample on Ecstatic, but it is flipped way better here. Ice Cube proves he’s just a flat out legend. “I ain’t heard nothin’ that I consider a classic.” That’s heavy.

Danny P Ocean – It is good to hear Ice Cube on this one, wishing we got at least one more track with O’Shay but a begger can’t be choosey. Cube sounds hungry than a muthafucka, almost as if those Friday checks ain’t coming in anymore. As far as the song itself I can do without hearing it again. It sounds like a reject Beastie Boy track that the Doctor got a hold to and tried to make magic out of it. Production is of course slick but the track itself is missing something. 

9) Deep Water

SPEAK Easy – Banger! This track goes! Dre reminds people that his imprint on hip hop can’t be denied. The NWA family tree is the best branch of ALL of hip hop. Kendrick backs the sentiment as he blacks out.

Danny P Ocean – Damn somewhere the train has ran of it’s course. For an album to start off so right, it is now sounding so left. The production is on point as expected, but it just ain’t hitting. Maybe it is the lyrics or rappers he chose to put on these tracks. They not doing the song any justice. Yeah Kendrick sound good, but the music is not complementing his vocals and vice versa. Damn Dre. 

10) One Shot One Kill

SPEAK Easy – Jon Connor on the hook and then he drops lethal bars. He’s an animal. Uncle Snoop teaches a lesson saying “don’t compare me to the new n!ggas.” This beat!!!! The pairing of a legend and young gun on here is sick!

Danny P Ocean – Now we back at it. I guess it took a nigga like Snoop to come into the booth and correct the last few mishaps. Where the fuck have you been Snoop? It’s a damn shame that it took 10 tracks before you showed up. Maybe he was still waiting at the Detox sessions. But whatever the problem was Dre got the shit back on point with this song. 

11) Just Another Day

SPEAK Easy – WHOA!!! Okay Game. The hunger is crazy on here. Asia Bryant is perfect on this hook. Nope. Never heard of her before this track.

Danny P Ocean – Yep keep they heads ringing Dre. Game is here to spice this shit up lock the fucking doors! FLAMES!!! FLAMES!! FLAMES!!! So far if with this album it is either hitting home runs or striking out. No base hits, no bunts, no walks. 

12) For The Love of Money

SPEAK Easy – Uh…Jill muthph#ckin Scott!!! Jon Connor is probably just as good as or better than your favorite rapper. Yeah. I said it. I wanna hear him and Kendrick on the same track.

Danny P Ocean – Damn….. this sounds like manna from heaven. I think this what the world has been waiting for. This is damn near one of the best songs I have EVER heard in life. And the way he flipped the last 1:30 is something of magic. Simply beautiful. And Jill Scott sounds like she is sitting on the right side of God. Dr. Dre you have done it again. 

13) Satisfaction

SPEAK Easy – I love the concept and message. The hook is damn near intoxicating. (Can I get Marsha and Jill on a track while I’m playing fantasy hip hop producer?) King Mez is impressive again and Uncle Snoop makes me proud. The legends are making it very clear that they are very unimpressed with the direction hip hop has taken.

Danny P Ocean – I’m prepared to be let down after hearing For The Love of Money. So let me go back and listen again. 

12) For The Love of Money

Danny P Ocean – Yeah this shit still sounds good. Is that a single tear falling from my eye? Yeah it is so what…. Thug Life homie!!!

13) Satisfiction

Danny P Ocean – Yeah after hearing the last track this song ain’t on point. That is alright because For The Love of Money was worth the price of admission. *Sidenote – Snoop should be on more than two tracks.

14) Animals

SPEAK Easy – Anderson Paak floats over this track so effortlessly. Don’t sleep on the message on this track. “The only time yall wanna turn the cameras on is when we fuckin’ shit up.”

Danny P Ocean – We back on it ain’t we? Premo and Dre how can you go wrong? Anderson. Paak sounds good on this track as well. I can dig this song. Something smooth, this almost sounds like some next shit. Like if MTV still played videos they would play this. Like if Friday Night Videos still came on, this would be played at least 3 times!! It is that good. 

15) Medicine Man

SPEAK Easy – Love this hook. Candice Pillay sounds good. Eerily similar to Jhene Aiko. Marshall Mathers spits his typical angry rapid fire bars. I have to admit that I couldn’t care less about him spitting about nobody caring about his race when he’s made fun of Christopher Reeve after his death.

Danny P Ocean – About fucking time we get some Em on here. Where was he at? One nitpicking complaint would be why not have have more Em, Snoop, Kendrick? Oh well. This song is off the chain as well, if you don’t think so go fuck yourself. Simple as that. Eminem’s voice is refreshing to hear as he brings the album to the climactic closing. 

16) The Diary

SPEAK Easy -Puts a nice bow on the end of this project. Hard hitting production and a real story about REALLY starting from the bottom.

Danny P Ocean – Yeah another good track. Dr. Dre wraps up his whole career on this one song. A slick way to end a damn good album. 

SPEAK Easy – I rate this album a 4.5 out of 5 bowties because of the A1 production and high fidelity sound, great pairings of legendary emcees and singers with up and comers. And like I said in my intro, a 50 year old billionaire has the best album of the year. I’m SPEAK Easy and I approve of this album even if it is Detox in different packaging. Way to go Dre.

Danny P Ocean – Now here comes the hard part….. rating the album. Most people will say an album can’t be a classic if it has skippable songs. I disagree with that theory. I believe it is alright if an album has songs that you skip past, as long as the songs that you decide to bump more than makes up for the ones you skip over. And I can say on this album if we put the songs on a seesaw the banging tracks will outweigh the average ones. And let me make this clear, it is not like the songs that I didn’t like were just pure garbage (except for the Drake shit). But in comparison to the other tracks surrounding them, you can see the dip in quality.

One thing I will say is that even though the music and production was A-1, for the most part the lyrics were forgettable. There wasn’t a moment on this cd where I would have hit rewind as a youngster trying to learn the lyrics. However, that was not a bad thing. The lyrics complimented the album. The voices played as if they were nothing more than an instrument in the symphony. And that my friends is what a good producer can do for you. Even if your lyrics don’t stand out the song should still bang, and for the most part that is what Compton does, it bangs. From the Dan Rather sounding dude, to the fade out Compton delivers in a way that only Dr. Dre can.

In my honest opinion Compton is a classic album, there is no denying that. It will stand the test of time because it doesn’t sound like shit else that is out right now, in the past or in the future. If this is Dre’s last album the OG went out with a bang. It was worth the wait.

Compton 4.5 Bowties.



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