Stupid Sh*t Rappers Said Vol: 1

Written by on August 10, 2015


If you know me you know I love music. Old music, new music it don’t matter if I once liked it, I probably still like it. Well the other day as I was rolling thru the streets, I was listening to a playlist I composed of old school tracks I once bumped back in the day. And let’s just put it like this, one song in particular gave me the dumb look. Like how in the hell did BBD get away with this verse? Nowadays muggs would be outside your crib protesting with all types of people. But back then, we just rapped along on some R. Kelly shit. So after shaking my head to that particular bar, I went and pulled up other suspect ass verses from rappers to compile my official list of Stupid Shit Rappers Said.

1) BBD – Do Me

Backstage, under age, adolescent
“How ya doin’?” “Fine,” she replied
I Sighed, I like to do the wild thing
Action took place
Kinda wet
Don’t forget
The J the I the M the M the Y y’all
I need a body bag

Now that I have daughters of my own this lyric gives me the license to shoot a muthafucka. For real Devoe? You just claiming that you ready to bust in an adolescent? When I think of adolescent I think of little girls who may not be over 16 years old. Damn Ronnie!

2) Notorious BIG – What’s Beef

Don’t they know my nigga Gutter fuckin’ kidnap kids
Fuck ’em in the ass, throw ’em over the bridge…..

What the hell do we have hear Biggie Smalls? So your friend Gutter just kidnaps kids, fuck them in the ass, and then toss them over a bridge? Word? And that shit is cool with you? Damn Biggie!!


SPACE, SPACE:  This 19 August, 2004 NASA Solar and Heliospheric Administration (SOHO) image shows a solar flare(R) erupting from giant sunspot 649. The powerful explosion hurled a coronal mass ejection(CME) into space, but it was directed toward Earth.  AFP PHOTO/NASA   (Photo credit should read HO/AFP/Getty Images)

3) Jay-Z – It’s Hot (Some Like It Hot)

.38 revolve like the sun around the Earth….

Ummmm. What the hell were they teaching your boy from Marcy Projects? This dude sounds like he was going to school during the Dark Ages or he just slept thru 2nd grade science. But according to Time Jay-Z is just one out of four people who apparently never knew basic astronomy.

4) LL Cool J – Clap Your Hands

Sucker MCs really make me sick
I’m so bad I can suck my own dick….

Hold up LL….. I don’t know if that shit is nasty or sick.

5) Chingy РBalla Baby

“I like them black, white, Puerto Rican, or Haitian,
Like Japanese, Chinese, or even Asian.”
Chingy sounds like one smart dude. I mean I like my women N’awlins, Los Angeles, or American.
6) Warren G- What’s Next
“What’s next?/What’s N-X-E-T?
I can’t. I fuckin can’t.
7) Lil Wayne – Maybach Music II
“All black Maybach, I’m sittin in the asshole”
Sometimes I think rappers try to hard to say something fresh. But no matter how you toss this one up, sitting in an asshole is not the thing to do.
8) Ghostface Killah – Strawberry
Five and a half in boys (Uh-huh), ass is off the hook (word)
High school pussy, heard you got the best nookie
Well outside of the suspect album cover, this verse sounds as if Ghostface likes high school girls. Now some people ay say that this verse is about some high school chick he knew back in the day. I’m not sure about that because he seems to be talking in present tense. Damn Ghost…..

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