Apple Unveils A Bunch of Goodies At Apple WWDC 2015

Written by on June 8, 2015


Poindexter will be proud of me. As some of you longtime readers know Poindexter is the resident Apple head of the UML office. He loves everything Apple….. Mac, iPhone, iPad, Beats Music. Shit if Apple comes out with iSlippers playboy will probably get two pairs, one for the office and home. He is so serious in fact that his new drink of choice is Apple Crown Royal. Apple or death.

Well recently my wife surprised me with a MacBook, and I already owned an iPhone and iPad so now it looks like I joined #TeamApple. So I guess it goes without saying the WWDC was of interest to old Danny P, particularly iOS 9, Proactive and Apple Music.

My September is looking good Moguls.



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