5 Things To Do As We Wait For The NBA Finals

Written by on June 2, 2015


Last night I turned on ABC and to my amazement the Finals were on!! LeBron was running down the lane like a blindfolded bowling ball knocking over anyone in sight. Chef Curry was cooking as per usual. And Dellavedova was taking someone’s knees out once again. Sounds about right don’t it? Except that didn’t happen. My alarm clock went off and I realized it was nothing more than a dream. I was in a lack of NBA Finals induced slumber. Fucked up ain’t it?

So as we sit here and wait for the last bit of basketball for the season we have to fill my hours/days with something other than the latest scoop on Bruce Jenner. Never fear Moguls, UML has you covered.

  1. Learn how to make your Grandma’s red beans – It doesn’t have to be red beans. It could be lasagna, gumbo, brisket, any damn thing. The point here is to take the time to learn a recipe. You might fool around and master it. Why should you learn a recipe you ask? Because we are losing recipes everyday ladies and gentlemen. Previous generations are dying and taking the jewels of the kitchen with them to their grave. We need to stop that and get our learn on. Plus a little chicken and red beans ain’t hurt anyone.
  2. Binge watch your favorite TV series – With Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go we have seasons at our fingertips. So with all of this extra time on our hands as we await the tipoff of game one, catch up on a series such as Entourage, The Sopranos, A Different World. I’m sure with the time we have you can watch the series and any spinoffs the show may have.untitled
  3. Protect a sea lion. Sea lions need love too. They are dying so rapidly that we may not have sea lions in a few decades. And who can go through life without a sea lion? Not I that’s who!
  4. Master a second and third language. In high school I was ignorant when it came to foreign languages. I didn’t want to learn them, I couldn’t learn them. So now that we wait for the kickoff of the Finals, I think now is as good of time as any to learn Croatian. I figure with all of this time I have by halftime of game 1 I will be proficient in Croatian.
  5. Debate on the greatness of Michael Jordan compared to other past and present basketball players. Every year about this time social media lights up with the Jordan vs LeBron talk, or Jordan vs Bill talk, or Jordan vs. Kobe talk, or Jordan vs. Jesus talk. To put it bluntly a whole bunch of people don’t like Jordan and every jumper made by LeBron the argument gets louder and louder. I promised myself 43 debates ago that I will not entertain this convo anymore, but somehow it keeps calling me back in.

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