Mogul Etiquette 101: Top 10 Places To Wear A Suit

Written by on May 28, 2015

As we get older, hopefully our dress code turns into some mature steez. However as I look around, boys seem to be getting older and older. Old young acting dudes are walking around with their azz hanging out, not to mention wearing pants so tight that you can see their pulse. So what can a Mogul do to separate himself from the pack?? SUIT UP!!! That’s what you can do. Put on a suit. Not only will you feel good, you will also look good. Ask any woman who is in your vicinity right now and ask them how do they feel about a man in a suit? They will tell you that a man wearing a suit automatically jumps his stock up to 70%. Experiment….. wear your regular degular clothes  to a place wear no one knows your name and sit down and have a drink. Now come back the same Mogul day, same Mogul time with a suit on and pay attention to how they treat you differently. A huge improvement.

But I know, I know. Some of you are thinking that you don’t go places to wear suits. If it isn’t church (I hope you are still wearing suits to church), a wedding or a funeral you have no need for it. Oh how wrong you are Moguls. Here is a list of ten places where you can sport a suit and turn the mutha out!!!

  1. Bars – Don’t know if you know, but a man in a suit gets better treatment than a man in jeans, especially out having drinks. And more so when having those said drinks alone. The bartender will feel like you are someone of importance and the Ciroc on the rocks will be just that much heavier (just make sure you tip them.) Also ladies love men in suits, so don’t be surprised if she walks up to you to have a toast!!
  2. Restaurants – True story… I went out a few weeks ago to have a nice dinner with some friends. Needless to say I was the only one wearing a suit. So I felt important from the door. And other people noticed my importance also. One older gentleman walked up to me and said “You look like the Chairman of the Board!” My man!
  3. Airplanes –  A suit can go a long way when traveling. You never know, you just might get upgraded to first class. Plus you won’t have to worry about packing it, because it is already on. See how that works?
  4. Work – Especially if you don’t have to wear one. The workers and your boss will take notice. They will not only know that you mean business, but they will feel that you are looking to get promoted!! (But wait you are, aren’t you?)
  5. On A Date – Remember the days everyone dressed up? Hell even the Beaver wore dress clothes to go outside and play with Larry. So why can’t you wear one to court the ladies? Wear a suit on your date and I swear your lady friend will look at you like you are the man!!! (But wait, you are the MAN!!)
  6. Coffee Shop/Cafe – I’m not one to hang out in coffee shops or cafes, but I am willing to bet a blue blazer that it will work there also!! You may even get an extra shot of espresso on the house.
  7. Shopping – The downside is that the sales-person may think you are Daddy Warbucks, but what the hell. What they don’t know won’t hurt them. But the upside is if you are shopping for suits, you can always compare your new threads to the ones you have on.
  8. Saturday Drinks – You know the story, weekends are made for chilling and getting pissy drunk. But a Mogul can flip the whole understanding and show up in a suit and have that drink. Ain’t nothing wrong with a live episode of Mad Men is it? Plus those shots come cheaper and thicker when you fool around in a suit.
  9. Meeting Anyone You Want To Impress – They say the first impression is the lasting impression, why not blow their mind?
  10. Poker Games – Wearing a suit during a poker game will make you feel like a high-roller sittin at a Vegas table. (But wait you are a high-roller) All you need is a cutie to sit next to you and a glass of that JR Ewing!!!


So suit up Moguls, and You’re Welcome!!!!

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