A Shoutout To All The Cleveland Cav Fans Who Burned LeBron Jerseys

Written by on May 27, 2015

Yep, you are all back in the NBA Finals Cleveland. I know for a few years there it felt like God had left you all out in the outhouse with no window, vent, or escape hatch. I know when a young LeBron James jetted on you it had you feeling like a rejected kid who almost was good enough to get let into the school dance, only to have the door slam shut in your face leaving you to hear the music blaring out the gym. Yeah we all remember how you ran to the streets with your LeBron James Cleveland Cavalier jerseys setting them aflame while you cursed his very existence. Yep we remember. We remember when the owner Dan Gilbert pretty much called LeBron James Anakin Skywalker, and that he thought Bron’s family was ugly, and how he hoped LeBron would fall through his own asshole and break his neck. (Well he may have not said all of those things, but we sure caught his drift.) We remember.

Now look at you all. You made it back to the promised land of the Finals. And lucky for you all you don’t have a Tim Duncan waiting for you. Ain’t God nice? I wonder how those burnt jerseys look now? Can you still smell the lighter fluid? Cleveland sit back and wait to see if LeBron and Friends will deliver that championship he promised you ungrateful bastards.

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