5 Yacht Rock Tracks That Set Me Adrift

Written by on May 26, 2015

2167_joel-g-goodman_yacht-rock_2_1000If you not Yacht Rocking it, you are losing Moguls! Simple as that, bottom line.

Hall & Oats – She’s Gone You love to hear the story again and again. You know the one, man meets woman. Man breaks up with woman. Man walks around the house like someone pissed in the last of the waffle mix and tried to feed it to him. That is what this song feels like, a continuous loop of unicorns crying. So sad but yet, so needed to be heard. Because in order to live life to it’s fullest you have to experience heartbreak. Hall and Oates nailed that feeling in this track. From looking in the bathroom and seeing one less toothbrush to having a few drinks in hopes of drinking away the pain. But when you get to the bottom of that Crown Royal you realize she is still gone. Fucked up ain’t it? Yep.

The Doobie Brothers – What A Fool Believes Sometimes things are done for a reason. For example, no matter how much you may think about your first puppy love of the summer from years ago, you know that those times can not be recreated. Only a fool will think otherwise. But even a bigger fool thinks something is there when it really isn’t. Imagine meeting up with a love from so long ago, maybe at a fish fry, the local bar, or at the old neighborhood block party. As you gaze into her eyes thinking of a love you once knew she is looking back at you like….yeah I’m doing good but….. it was nice knowing you I need to make my way to ribs before they are all gone. But you don’t catch the hints as you try to make small talk about the time the two of you ran out of gas at the KFC drive-thru window. Fun times indeed you think but she is just doing you a “polite” by not leaving you standing there as her mind is in another space. Eventually she apologizes and dismisses herself to make way to the ribs pan, and you stand there looking like a fool. Foolish dude.

Ambrosia – The Biggest Part of Me Now you getting somewhere with this song. This tune is for the open road or open sea it doesn’t matter. Just you and your lady riding high, feeling good, and looking good. Shit is feeling so golden that you tell her to make a wish because love will make it come true. This is that type of song. Yacht Rock at it’s finest.

Stephen Bishop – On and On This is another sad ass tune right here, about pretty women in Jamaica taking your money and breaking your heart. If I didn’t know any better I would say that is one fucked up vacation. Or how about catching your old lady kissing another man? This is that song you would play if any of that happened to you and you just want to cry it out. If a dove can cry a thug can cry too!! But on that Stephen Bishop and go on and on about how life keeps handing you bad ones.

Bob Welch – Sentimental Lady This is track is like butter. The perfect jam to hear while you await getting your wisdom tooth pulled out at the dentist office. Instead of worry about needles and yanking and pulling, you can set back and think of the perfect lady who moves like the wind. That gentle one.


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