Don’t Go Calling Those Biker Gangs Thugs

Written by on May 19, 2015


Last night I made a Facebook post on the perceived difference of treatment the biker gang in Waco, Texas received as compared to the protestors in Baltimore and/or Ferguson. Overnight my post was liked and shared by multiple people. Most people agreed with my observation, however a few people had a difference in opinion.

I find it disappointing but not surprising the way the biker gang were on Sunday. Can you imagine if the biker gang was a street gang from Los Angeles or Chicago how different it would have been. If the Bloods and Crips had a shootout in front of the local soul food spot, law enforcement would have swooped down with the vengeance of the Army brigade. Police would have rolled in with tanks, Hummers, smoke bombs and anything else to they could have gotten their hands on. CNN/Fox would have had guest after guest calling the gang thugs, criminals, the devil etc. In fact news outlets went out of their way to make the shootout seem as peaceful as they possibly could. Here are a list of synonyms the media used.














New York Times:






Waco Tribune:



biker gang shooting


“What happened here today” (Police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton)

“gun fights” (Swanton)

melee (Swanton)

scuffles and disturbances (on the issue of related violence around the city)

very dangerous, hostile criminal biker gangs (Swanton)

something akin to a war zone



turned a local restaurant into a shooting gallery

a rival motorcycle gang fight


absolute chaos (Swanton)

a situation like happened Sunday afternoon

What happened to the word of the month “thug” or how about a riot? It seems that the media views things differently when it is a group of predominately white men getting into a scuffle as opposed to African-Americans causing a riot.

Am I surprised? No. I’ve grown accustomed to the white America treating people of color much different than they do themselves. However for this media prejudice to happen so close to the “riots” of Baltimore and Ferguson is damn near eye-opening. No matter what our counter-parts do, we are viewed as niggers thugs. They could cause a melee after losing a championship game, the firing of a coach, Black Fridays, etc and they will still be given of the benefit of the doubt. While Blacks are immediately coined in the most negative light possible.

I wonder how long it will take President Obama to call the biker gang “thugs and criminals?”

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