Top 10 Reasons To Leave Your Crazy Boo!!!!

Written by on May 15, 2015

As we grow older and wiser on our quest to master relationships, from time to time we will run across a scary one. You know the one that looked so good from across the room, but as you get to know this person certain indicators let you know that their was a reason why he/she was alone. Sometimes it is easy to spot a crazy one, other times you must pick up on the clues they give you. But regardless to how you spot one, once you find out you have a loony on your hands, it would be in your best interest to cut your loses while you are ahead and run to the nearest hill.

We have gathered our top ten clues that crazy mates give to let you know they ain’t the one.

10) They introduce themselves to your family and friends without you knowing. – Haha. You ever have a girlfriend who introduces themselves to you folks without you knowing. You get a call from your Moms telling you how nice so&so is, leaving you wondering when they meet? It is especially strange because they never told you that they met her. If that happens keep your head on swivel! They just may be crazy!

9) They have information about you that you didn’t tell them. – We’re not talking about shoe size or how much you weigh, but if they know little secrets that you don’t remember telling them you better check to see if they have your journal or something!

8) They pop up unexpectedly. – So you decide to have girls night out and ole boy shows up at your favorite spot. Or you come home from a long day at work expecting to chill out and your doorbell rings and the girl you talking to is on your porch smiling and waving as you open up the blinds. Something ain’t right and you better get your exit strategy together.

7) They make keys to your crib without permission. – Self explanatory, this ain’t cute no more!

6) They try to move into your house without an invitation. – Once again it is not cute when she begins to leave more and more things at your house and spends more and more nights. You know you are in trouble when you come home and your bathroom is painted pink!

5) They destroy your property when they get mad at you. – Wackos only destroy your things when they get mad. Once they get to tearing up things, you know the physicals are not too far away.

4) They know your comings and goings without you telling them. – They know what time you left and what time you got in from kicking it, yet you didn’t tell them. That should ring an alarm that maybe just maybe he is sitting out in the bushes peeping at you!

3) They get violent with you when you argue.– This is the offspring from #5. You get into an argument and they want to lay hands on you. A no-no especially for men. If she likes to hit you it is a no win situation for you. If you stay there she just might hit you with a good one that ruffles your feathers, and once you hit back your best-friend is picking you up from the station. Stay away, it won’t end peacefully.

2) After the argument they threaten to hurt/kill you or themselves. – Straight psycho! This method is used to make you feel sorry for them, but don’t fall for the games! Keep your head on tight and try to find a clean way to slip away, because this crazy person just may do something horrible on your watch.

1) They won’t let you break-up. – You know the type that starts all the crazy crying and calling at all times of the night! Refusing to give up, hoping you will fold and give them another chance. Don’t slip Moguls, give them the stiff arm and keep high-stepping!

Reader's opinions
  1. jinakisweetness   On   January 15, 2010 at 10:57 am

    glad you posted this. these are SO the signs of an abusive relationship…if one sees these, they should run the other direction!!

  2. Danny Ocean   On   January 15, 2010 at 12:49 pm

    Thank-you. These are signs that a lot of us over-look only to have to pay the consequences down the road. I know I have had my share of crazy relationships were I could have avoided the situation if I would have just read the writing on the wall.

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