I Would Not Want To Play For A Team That Has Ben Franklin As A Logo

Written by on May 13, 2015


Maybe I am too revolutionary. Maybe I am the Grandson of Malcolm X. Maybe one of my downfalls is that I am too analytical. I can accept that. Cool. But one thing I know I would have a problem with is playing for a professional team that has Ben Franklin as one of their logos.

The other day the Philadelphia 76ers revealed their updated logos. One of them featured Ben Franklin one of the founding fathers of this nation doing his infamous crossover. To most Americans that is a fair nod to the man who discovered electricity. Ben Franklin in Chuck Taylors is alright with you all ain’t it? Well when I see ole Benny I see slave master.

Ben Franklin had slaves. Ben Franklin had ads that sold slaves. Shit Ben Franklin even had sex with slaves. Ben Franklin was doing the typical racist activities that many white Americans participated in during the 1700s,  and that is treat Africans as 3/5s of a human. So playing for a team where Mr. franklin is the logo is not something I would want to do. I wonder how many people will speak out about it?

Can you imagine a Jewish school having an auditorium dedicated to Volkswagen? Or how about a Native American school with Christopher Columbus as a logo? Probably won’t happen right? Why? Because it would be an outrage. However I doubt very seriously that African American NBA players, fans, or leaders will even raise an eyebrow about Mr. Franklin representing the 76ers in a league where over 76% of the players are black.

I’m not saying that the 76ers should quit playing for the team, because that would violate their contract and lifelong dreams. But I would hope that they at least make it uncomfortable for the 76ers front office. Can you imagine Ali or  Jim Brown sitting idly during the 60s if this would have happened? Those cats would have called out people. I know I would have. But…. maybe I am putting too much thought into it.


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