The Baltimore Riot Featuring Thugs and Hero-Mom

Written by on April 29, 2015

After seeing our annual riot special splashed across the television screen this week, I have questions. Well maybe not questions, but more so things I have noticed.



1.  We love to throw the word “thug” around when it deals with Blacks acting “unruly” – The mayor of Baltimore called the rioters “thugs” in the heat of the moment. President Obama called the Baltimoreans “criminals and thugs”. Damn…. Is that how you really feel? Did President Obama get on tv and call the Kentuckians who rioted after losing in the Final Four “thugs”? Of course not because the majority of these individuals were not people of color. How about the Huntington Beach riot of 2013 after the U.S. Open of Surfing? Did President Obama speak out harshly about them? Probably not…. Wait let me check to see real quick…………………………………… nope couldn’t find a thing. Or how about Denver? They like to riot after Super Bowl wins. Let me repeat, the Broncos win a championship AND the fans celebrate by rioting. Is there an outcry about how “thuggish, ruggish Bone” they are? Nope. I guess “Thug” is the new code word for “Nigger”. It is safe to use in a public setting without having to answer any questions for the usage of the word.toya_graham

2. The “Hero-Mom” – We all have seen her by now. Toya Graham on national TV laying the paws on her 16 year-old son for contributing to the looting and riots. I applaud her because many parents should take a page out of her book. And for the record THERE is nothing wrong for putting the beat down on your child. But I have to ask a question, why is the media celebrating her act? If she was caught on video in Walgreens going upside her son’s head would someone call CPS on her? Of course they would. Which leads me to think that it is only safe to get caught whipping your child if they are tearing up public property. If they are acting up in school, in the neighborhood, or at home you better not get caught laying hands on them. You might get the folks sent to your door.


3. Why are people more outraged about the effect and not the cause? These past few days I have seen/heard many people complain about how Baltimore shouldn’t riot. How they should know better than to tear up their own hood. But many of those same outspoken people are rather quiet about the continual abuse administered by police. If there wasn’t an apparent display of racism by the few officers we wouldn’t have to bear witness to the “thugs” burning cars and stealing liquor. I would love to see Mr. President get on the TV and call the officers who commit police brutality “thugs and criminals!”


boy-water-baltimore4. The media and public officials have turned this into an us vs. them situation. It is sad that police officers in general get a bad rap. Just like it is bad that Black males are stereotyped. I can’t imagine the feeling an officer must have when they encounter someone who is hostile for whatever reason. Just like I remember how it feels as a young male being pulled over and wondering how things could go south very quickly if I happened to make a sudden movement or say the wrong thing. I get that, there is tension on both sides of the fence, but something has to be done to mince the beef. We have to hold our elected officials, church leaders, community activists, police chiefs, media outlets accountable for this divide and conquer game they have successfully played with the masses. If law-breaking cops get punished for their wrongdoings we wouldn’t have these situations . Except we often get the opposite. A cop shoots a Black man, he gets “administrative leave” with pay while the incident gets investigated. The findings come back no harm no foul. The cop returns to his duty. And the cycle is rebooted once again. Leaving a community asking the question, does Black lives matter?




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