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Written by on April 16, 2015


I thought long and hard about this installment of G.O.A.T.’s. I decided to go with a topic I know well…music. Now, I don’t play an instrument, or have formal music training…..but I can play a jukebox like nobody’s business! What I can tell you is that Marvin Gaye’s 1978 release, “Here, My Dear”…..is one of the Greatest Of All Time.


The album began as a way to pay off a divorce settlement to Gaye’s estranged wife, Anna Gordy. Marvin’s plan to pimp his talent in exchange for freedom, quickly gave way to his deeply emotional self. The result was an album that chronicled his relationship from courtship to absolution, and each dramatic scene plays out in another brilliant melody. The album did very poorly on the commercial market, according to traditional Gaye standards, but has spoken to the hearts and ears of true listeners from day one. You might think an album of this nature would be filled with bitterness; to the contrary. The album is filled with a sincerity and openness that could only be explained by a heart broken by true love. Marvin explores his pleasure, his pain, ecstacy, guilt, ultimate joy….and finally his resolve.

The lyrical quality ranges well accross the spectrum; from purely poetic, to plain talk. The vocal presentation is pure Marvin…..knee deep in his feelings. You will hear so many different critique’s of this album, that the only way to know, is to hear it for yourself. Grab yourself a glass of something smooth, open a few windows, and press play.

An absolute must for any grown folks collection. Til next time.



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