Mogul Etiquette 101: Spring Tips For The Cool

Written by on April 13, 2015

Even though outside old man winter stubborn ass just won’t die, we still must prepare for the spring season. Because when the weather gets nice and the women get fine…., you know the one. After a good season of heavy materials such as wool and corduroy, your Cool is screaming for a switch up in the style. But before you run out there and make a complete ass out of yourself, peep these tips for Moguls.

  • Switch up your smell goods. In the winter you probably wore scents that were heavy enough to last through the cold nights. But when the weather breaks we need light fragrances to match the sunshine. Plus people don’t wanna smell you and think of fireplaces and sweaters!
  • Go for lighter fabrics such as cotton, linen, hemp and bamboo. Look up that wool and cashmere.
  • Think ahead and lightly layer up. You never know how spring weather can change on you, especially in the mid-west. So take advantage of the warm days and cool nights by layering up. Heavy t-shirts under cotton button ups go along way, you can either roll up the sleeves or remove the shirt if the sun starts beaming.
  • There is no such thing as manly sandals (mandals). Get a nice pair of canvas or all white sneaks for the streets and flip flops for the beaches. Never should you cop a pair of thong sandals!!!
  • Leave the skinny jeans to skinny kids who rap or skateboard. Real men wear real jeans that fit properly around the waist and have room in the pockets for important things such as knots, phones, pocket knives, etc.
  • Keep a pair of shades in the car. Mornings that start off cloudy can easily turn into bright sunny evenings. There is no need to be caught squinting while you drive.

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