14 yrs You Say

Written by on March 25, 2015

Turn back the clock to June 2001 for me this started my deep love for automobiles, I’ve always enjoyed cars but this franchise is what did it for me.  First movie I viewed as a married man it was only a few days after me being married, I was on my honeymoon.  Look back to today and realize that it has been going on for 14 years as of June 2015.  The franchise introduced the world to new actors who were fresh to Tinsel town, little known at the time was Paul Walker, Vin Diesel had acted in a few flicks and he his now one of my favorites.  He’s been in Boiler Room where he was a hot shot broker that was part of a securities trading scheme and then we have Michelle Rodriguez, those are just a few of the cast.  By now everyone knows that I’m referring to the Fast N Furious series and this franchise had a few downs and many ups.  We are now on the 7th installment.

If you ask me this movie energized the tuner craze for cars, they’ve traveled from California to Tokyo to Brazil and all over the world.  I even got caught up in it and I’ll drop some pics below.  Well enough talking April 3rd will be the day!




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