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Written by on March 18, 2015

Maybe I’m just old school but I love the barbaric sport of football.  Recently NFL players have been walking away from the sport at a very young age, I wholeheartedly respect their decision.  It’s their decision!  These players are walking away from millions, they make the conscious decision that their health is more valuable than the almighty dollar and that’s fine.  It’s selfish of fans to ask them to stay.  No one cares when players get cut and the phones aren’t ringing off the hook for tryouts, it’s the greats ones that we want to see ever once of their talent left out on the field.  What’s the reason behind these early retirements, did Junior Seau’s death open the eyes of many? 

Chris Borland linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers in the past week just announced his retirement after just his rookie season.  He’s in a lot better position to walk away seeing as though he’s a University of Wisconsin Madison graduate and his father is a financial advisor.  My point is financially he can make it work.  

Listed below you will find Patrick Willis who retired after 9 seasons and was an elite linebacker, quarterback Jake Locker retires at the age 26, quarterback Jake Plummer walked away in his prime.  The football world was shook when the great runningback Barry Sanders walked away from the game.  Some of the decisions are due to conflict with their teams but more recently I can’t help to think that in the back of these players mind they’re thinking about life after football.  Chris Borland has come out and admitted that his decision was based on not wanting to have head trauma when it was all said and done.  Will we begin to see more top athletes shorten their careers because they to are thinking about life after football?  One thing I can say is playing the game scared isn’t safe and that’s why I can respect the decisions to hang the cleats up.

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