A Moment In Cool…….

Written by on March 18, 2015

What is Cool?

Cool is the color blue.

Cool is Miles, Billy D, Sinatra, and Clooney. Cool is being able to maintain your composure at the height of happiness or in the face of danger. Cool was carried to America through African slaves as a way to keep their dignity while living in the armpit of hell.

Cool is a way of life.

Cool is jazz. Cool is hip hop, rock and roll. Cool is blues. Cool is The Temptations. Cool is the breeze that gave birth to a generation.

Cool can’t be manufactured, imitated, or faked. Cool is not trying to be, Cool is. Cool can not be taken off, for it is not an item of clothing, shades, or a hat. To be Cool means that you have embraced a way of life. Cool is being Cool when no one else is looking. Cool is walking with your own theme song playing while others around you are struggling to chew gum and think at the same damn time.

Cool is 1974.

Cool is Morris Day doing the bird while Jerome, Fonzworth Bentley, Bobby Byrd, or some damn body holds up a mirror. Cool is rocking Jordans while others around you are wearing piss wipers, or suits. It don’t matter because you are Cool. While on the flipside, Cool is wearing a suit in a room full of white tees. Why? Because you are the Coolest muthafunka to slide thru the revolving doors.

Cool is your Uncle’s Crown Royal bag and conversion van. Cool is hopping out of Cadillacs and slamming doors. Cool is standing in a boardroom meeting in your B-Boy Stance. Hell, Cool is knowing what a B-Boy Stance is to begin with. Cool is not chasing every fad, trend, or fashion moment. Cool is keeping it straight in a circle of squares.

Cool is being Classic. #ClassiclyCool

Are you Cool?

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