Mogul Etiquette 101….The Style Commandments For Dressing Up

Written by on March 9, 2015

Cats be lost as hell when it comes to style and fashion. First understand that style is classic, fashion is temporary. So when you base your style off of fashion you risk looking like yesterday before you even step out of the house. That would be a no-no. But the problem lies in the fact that many men first of all hate to shop so they end up just buying whatever is out on display or what happens to be the latest trend. A stylish Mogul understands that they dictate their own style, not what a cat on tv or a video says is hot. However, we understand that some men need direction in styling their Cool.

  1. Get a tailor. Whenever you buy anything that would be considered a suit or blazer do yourself a cool one and get it tailored up. If you buy off the rack chances are it ain’t fitting you right. This is a rule that many men overlook and end up looking quite not right. Pants legs need to be shortened, coats need to be brought in, and buttons need to be realigned. Shit needs to made whole. Get your cool on and find a tailor, your lady will thank you later.
  2. Match your socks with your suit. Make sure you aren’t the lame wearing white socks with your suit. However, chances are if you are reading this, you already know better. But take it step cooler; match your socks with your suit, not your shoes. If you have on a navy blue suit with black shoes, grab the navy socks. And if your suit is light in color, make sure your socks are a shade darker than your suit, but lighter than your shoes. * Don’t match your shoes in the same shade as your suit unless you are on stage with your 4 brothers!
  3. Please don’t wear a superskinny tie. Unless you plan on being on the cover of GQ or something don’t rock a skinny tie. Moguls can’t fall for every little trend, we must keep it classic. And plus keep it real, half of us don’t have the correct frame to pull of the superskinny tie look. We end up looking like we have a rope around our neck.
  4. Slim down your wallet. Nothing looks worse than chilling in your Mogul-stance looking all clean with a brick in your back pocket! Go on and cop a nice slim leather wallet just for dressing up and only carry what you will need for the night. Or just get a money clip and a card holder and keep it simple.
  5. Brown shoes are cool, trust me. Everyone has black dress shoes, so much that they often go unnoticed. But if you rock some fly brown ones, everyone will glance at them. Guaranteed. Brown shoes can be worn with gray, khaki, or navy blue suits. And the darker the brown the better, although if you already have a pair or two of dark browns go with a lighter shade.
  6. Rock the pocket square. It takes your look up a notch or two and makes it look like you know what you are doing. BUT don’t match it with your tie!!! If you must match, then match it with your shirt.

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