House Party Turns 25!!

Written by on March 9, 2015

Damn Moguls it is moments like this where a young player feels old. I remember watching House Party everyday after school like it was part of a ritual. Now looking back at it I see exactly how important House Party was in shaping the world!!


  1. It helped shape fashion for the early 90’s- After watching this movie millions of high-school kids went to the nearest Merry-Go-Round or Oak Tree store and copped a rayon shirt, baggy pants, and patent leather shoes. I didn’t do the patent leather shoes, but damnit I had me some rayon shirts!!
  2. It helped prolong the careers of Kid N Play – For all intents purpose Kid N Play was a one album pony. With the way the rap landscape changed every 3 months in the late 80s Kid N Play was done. But along came House Party. That movie single-handedly added about 12 more months to the Kid N Play fame. Hell they were even able to spin a cartoon out of the deal. Although it only ran for a season getting a cartoon was a big deal. LL Cool J never had a cartoon.
  3. It made Tisha Campbell into a sex symbol – Well maybe it was just me but I thought Tisha was hot after watching Kid run around after her in the movie. She was an official member of #TeamLightSkinned!!
  4. It probably helped shape the TV show Martin for what we know it as today – Without House Party who’s to say there never would have been a Martin? But I think I am safe to say that House Party helped shape Martin. Without House Party would Tisha Campbell have played Gina? Without House Party would Martin Lawrence have gotten a chance to play Martin Payne? Without House Party would Martin have played a DJ on the show? Hmmmm. Things that make you go hmmmm.
  5. Speaking of careers how did House Party hook Full Force up? – To me before House Party, Full Force was known as the group that had something to do with the Roxanne Roxanne craze. Or the group that brought us the Force MD’s and Lisa “Muthafunkin” Lisa!!
  6. A.J. Johnson – Who can forget about A.J. Johnson? Well you may have forgotten about her until she popped up in the movie Baby Boy.
  7. Robin Harris – House Party gave us a career defining role for Robin Harris. Too bad that he passed soon after the movie was released.

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