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Written by on March 5, 2015



I know it may not feel like it just yet Moguls, but the season will change soon enough. Spring will be here in all of it’s glory. So the time will arrive for you to switch modes when it comes to fashion. You will need to put away those dark hues in favor for something a little more brighter.

Recently we chopped it up with Gregory Pegues over at Savoir Faire to give us some tips to keep us Fresh when the temperatures rise and the days get a little longer.

1. What are the popular colors and styles for spring this year?
The popular colors are this spring season are bright colors… orange, teal, royal blue, purple & yellow.          Slim fits, more tapered & tailored looks.
2. What are a few essentials clothing items that every man should have in his rotation for spring?
Men should have 3 basic suits… black, blue & grey. A black & brown shoe w/accenting belts.
3. In today’s busy world, how can a Mogul stay current with the forever changing style of fashion?
A Mogul usually  has their own style, so they don’t  usually keep on with trends… they make them. Fashion is what comes along… Style is what you do with it!
4. In a crowded room of well dressed individuals, how can you stand out among the rest?
It’s never the clothes that makes the man… It’s  the man that makes the clothes. It’s  what’s  in the inside of you that makes you stand out amongst the crowd.
5. So you are going out on a spring date night, what do you have on?
On a Spring date.. the weather is nice.. a light blazer, shirt & pants… possibly loafers without  socks.
6. Do you follow the basic rules of fashion? Why or why not?
Basic rules of fashion are just that… basic.. Reach beyond the basic. Be yourself & allow that to manifest in your personal style.
7. A well dressed man comes equipped with accessories, what are a few must haves for you?
Whatever  I put on lately I gotta have a lapel flower to accessorize. It’s  like a sundae without the cherry on top.
8. I know you offer advice for men who need a stylist, how can our readers get in contact with you?
Last words to the moguls… get your situation tailored up. Shine your shoes…make sure your belt matches. It’s  not just your clothes.. dress up your mind & outlook too! I can be reached @Savoir_Faire on Twitter.

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