So We Might Not Hear Once Upon A Time In Shaolin Until 88 Years From Now??

Written by on March 3, 2015


So somewhere at some point in time The RZA fooled around and said we may not hear the rarest of rare Wu-Tang Clan albums until 88 years from now. Yep you read that right Moguls….. 88 years from now. Supposedly over the last few years The Wu has recorded tracks that The RZA compiled into an album called Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. And instead of releasing this album The RZA plans on auctioning off the album to one lucky bidder who can do whatever the hell he/she wants with it besides making copies and selling them. Ummmmm. Ok then.

See the funny with this whole scenario is in 8 years who will actually give a damn about the Wu? Hell Wu fans don’t even give a damn about the Wu anymore after their last two albums flopped like a goldfish that jumped out of the bowl. If this Once Upon A Time In Shaolin album was/is so fire why not release that one and auction off A Better Tomorrow?

This 88 year scenario is like releasing an unreleased album from Hoagy Carmichael tomorrow. Who really would give a damn? (Who is Hoagy Carmichael you ask? Some cat who had a number one record in 1927.) I’ll even do one better would anyone care if they find a Chubby Checker album and dropped it today? Probably not. The only ones who may care enough to raise an eyebrow is heis family and people who may have done the twist with him back then. But they won’t buy the record.

In 2103, I don’t think we will have any Shaolin monks dusting off they Timbs just in time to do the Wu-Bop to Once Upon A Time In Shaolin.

You can read what The RZA had to say about it here.

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