Dear Summer

Written by on February 25, 2015

Living in the Midwest can weigh heavily on a individuals soul.  About this time of year I just want some warm weather so I can do the things that I enjoy.  I truly believe I left my heart in California!  I know there’s other places that get worse weather like Alaska, Antartica , the Upper Peninsula, Siberia etc…  Honestly I’m not trying to have a competition with those places.  My roots are tropical, my skin desires the warm rays from the sun.  Jack Frost can kindly go back to sleep now.  

I look forward to sitting out on my patio and smoking a fine stogie, taken a motorcycle ride on a long winding road, spending time with my family, cookouts and hanging out with good company.  As I thumb thru my photos that remind me of warmer times I’m still clinching my butt cheeks while freezing.

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