Rapper I’ve Shot: Tech N9ne

Written by on February 23, 2015

Sure, Tech N9ne’s fan base is a little different from the average rapper.  The guy even wears make up during his performances.  There are a few things that make him better than the average though.  First off, his energy on stage is phenomenal.  At the age of 43 he makes most of our young favorites look like lackadaisical buffoons.  Secondly, he is independently wealthy from record sales, merchandise and constant touring.  I got a chance to shoot him a little while back and he even let me chill on the tour bus and build for a minute.  Check out the photos below.

Tech N9ne 1

Tech N9ne 2

Tech N9ne 3

Tech N9ne 5

Tech N9ne 11

Tech N9ne 13

Tech N9ne 14

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