Morning Waffles….. The Mix

Written by on February 16, 2015



Good Morning Moguls……..

We spoke of changes, we posted about changes, and we even teased about changes. Well the change is now upon us. Ladies and Gentlemen may we present to you Morning Waffles. Oh what is that? You say Morning Waffles is a regular feature on UML. Well you are correct. But these Waffles will be different than what you normally get. These here Morning Waffles will be a plate of goodness in the form of a mix. Something that can help get you through the work day Mogul style. The Morning Waffles mix will be a steady fixture on the site featuring a mix of hip hop, soul music, classic yacht rock, and what ever else we would like to serve up. So sit back press play and don’t lick the plate because there will be more where these waffles come from.




Morning Waffles 2/16/15 by El Fatiah on Mixcloud

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