Things I Have Learned This Week……. Vol. A Small Village

Written by on February 13, 2015


Thing I have learned this week……

  1. The Surprise Album Drop Is No Longer A Surprise – Last night Drake dropped a surprise album and by the time the morning came very few people were surprised. I think the reason being is that upon first listen the shit is boring. It reminds me of the music that you hear when you are at the dentist office getting your wisdom teeth pulled. Which is surprising, because even at his worst Drake will provide you with a melody to hum along to. But this time around something is missing.
  2. People Actually Still Care About The Grammys – Monday morning my feeds were filled with friends who watched the Grammy Awards and was disappointed with the fact that Beyoncé sung instead of Ledisi. Really? Since I can remember the Grammys have been pulling fast ones so being amazed, shocked, or disappointed is like being mad that you got mud on your all-white kicks after running through puddles after a rain storm.
  3. Kanye West Can Sell Any Damn Thing – This week or was it last week pics of Kanye West’s shoe with Adidas began to leak. And to me the shits look like high top moccasins. Not sure what all off the hype is but I am sure shoe heads will fall through they own ass trying to secure a pair of them shits. Why? Because they are designed by Kanye. They are supposedly limited. And it will give them status points in the shoe game.
  4. The number of women who Bill Cosby supposedly drugged is equal to a small village in India – What the fuck!!! Women are continuing to come out of the wood work. Will someone shut off the faucet? From the looks of it, Bill has been giving these ladies pills on the average of one every other month for 30 years! Damn! Pretty soon instead of saying “slipping a Mickey” we will be saying “Slipping a Cosby!” Like watch out for dude, he is known for slipping chicks a Cosby!
  5. Kendrick Lamar Is Still That Dude – After a less than receptive vibe from his “I” single, Kendrick celebrated his Grammy Award by dropping “The Blacker The Berry” track. And simply saying the track is flames is an understatement. Kendrick is the new bar for rappers trying to reach the next level. He is unapologetically hip hop in the same realm as Public Enemy, Run DMC, OutKast, and Rakim at the same damn time. For anyone doubting that he will satisfy us with his next LP must not understand the game that is being played. King Lamar is playing chess while these rap dudes are playing an intense game of tic-tac-toe. Kendrick is doing hip hop, and these cats are doing…. hop scotch.

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