5 Things I Can Do Now That Football Season Is Over

Written by on February 2, 2015



Last night I watched the Super Bowl from the comfort of my own couch. I had options to utilize instead of crashing on my comfy cozy couch, like our UML Super Bowl Party for starters. But instead I let Poindexter and SPEAK Easy hold it down and I chilled with the wifey and watched lame commercial after lame commercial with a little football thrown in for good measure. Well, I can’t complain the game was pretty good. Way better than last year’s debacle. I can’t say the same for the commercials unfortunately. Those were horrendous; the only one I care to half way clap about was the Bryant Gumbel internet one. The rest……

So now that the Super Bowl is gone that means I will have a lot of time on my hands from now until September. Damn… what is a Mogul to do?

  • Read a book – There is so much knowledge out there I need to step my game up on, so maybe these next 8 months I will get my read on. What is a good book?
  • Find a new hobby with the wife – Since we are still new to this marriage game, and I see examples of dying love all around me from friends whose love has gone astray. Maybe I should find a new hobby for me and my wife to indulge in. Something that will keep the mind, love, and competition sharp. Any ideas?
  • Finish watching The Wire – I am one of the last cats who have yet to watch the entire series of The Wire. (I know violation) When it was on and popping in it’s prime I missed it. (Didn’t have the patience to tie myself down to a TV show). And now that it is on HBO Go I’m still not watching it. (Don’t have the time to binge watch shows). So now is as good a time as any to jump on in. What you think?
  • Learn the basics in guitar 101 – I always wanted to be able to get my Jimi Hendrix on. You know, play a song that brings a tear to eye of anyone listening in a 1 acre radius. I picture myself sitting on a large rock by a hillside and playing the songs that will make the whole world sing. I know I can’t reach god status in an 8 month span, but I could reach Love Below levels. Can’t I?
  • Take some weekend road trips – Mark off a few places within 4-6 hours away and hit the road. Take the back roads and enjoy the country side. When you pass that lil hamburger joint on the side of the road pull over. Visit that museum that says “Home of the World’s Largest Rubberband Ball”. You never know what you may run into.

There you have it Moguls, 5 things to do now that football season has faded way. But don’t you fret none, before you know it you will be grilling chicken, turkey brats, and wings all in the name of kickoff!!!

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