Tonight Is The Night…… #ClassiclyCool Networking at Brenner Brewing Company

Written by on January 22, 2015


So you saying you need something to do when you get off of work tonight because um… well you don’t want to go home and all. And errrr…… you want to chill in a #ClassiclyCool spot and meet #ClassiclyCool people. Don’t worry, UML has you covered. Come on down to the Brenner Brewing Company for a little Beer and Networking. The gang will all be there from Poindexter, SPEAK, Damon, IBEdubl, Curt Dog, and yours truly….. Danny P Ocean (The P stands for Poitier). You will have a chance to network, score some #ClassiclyCool apparel, drink beer you never tried before, meet new people, meet everybody that ever had anything to do with UML past and present, and simply hang out with some cool people. Sounds inviting? Well come on down and join us from 6-8pm at the Brenner Brewing Company.

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