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Written by on January 21, 2015

I sit and really ponder, there’s so many people who claim to be so called music heads and their POV on music baffles me. This is probably directed more towards those in my generations. I’ll admit I’m not satisfied with the current state of the music industry, but I’m tired of those stuck back in 1983. But there are a few times, like this top Denver concert venue I’d attended, when I like music. Listen rappers aren’t going to standout on the street corner in a rap battle anymore with the hype man beatboxing. Cats aren’t checkin’ to see whose at The Palladium, none of that! Just like everything else, music has evolved. Everywhere I turn around, I can usually see something that rap has influenced. So many are asking for the old skool artist to drop new music, allot of those artist are damn near 50 yrs old. To me that’s great when I see the artist I grew up with sitting back collecting duckets from something the industry said was just a FAD. Understand those artist have grown and matured. They now have families and impressionable kids to raise. Get off of their JOCKS! Some of yall should takes some notes on how to mature and not be in the clubs at 45 yrs old, not a good look to some of yall who are moms and pops; plus those of yall that are grandparents that still wanna turn up.

We have artist that’ll listen to what some of their longtime fans ask and drop a album. Guess what happens yall complain! That ain’t HOTT! What were they THINKING? They could’ve came better than that! Blah blah blah. In my Willie Moore Jr. voice, “yall crazy”. #FLATOUT.

Another thing we have our artist that are relevant dropping music yall complain that such and such only sells because of his/her name. So you telling me Air Jordan’s still sell because of Mike’s game winning shot last night! Imma leave with saying this it’s great to want to relive the days of old when it comes to our favorite artist but a lot of them have moved on and for some of them who are still dropping let’s appreciate them because when they’re gone it’ll be RAP.

When allot cats talk about music this picture comes to mind.


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