Mogul Perspective…… What Is Sexy??

Written by on January 20, 2015

Are you sexy Moguls? Some of you may think you are when in actuality you are struggling at being average. ┬áThere is a thin line between being sexy and not sexy, and some of you jump that line like it ain’t a thing. Half the time when you don’t even know you are failing the sexy test!

  1. A lady that keeps up on her fashion game. You don’t have to spend your whole check on fashion. As a matter of fact if you do then you have some other issues going on. But it is truly sexy when a lady has a sense of style that is her own. No matter what the day is, you know that she is doing her thang!! That is sexy!!
  2. A lady that knows how to dress. The same thing that works at the club after midnight may not look as good when you go out to dinner at 5!! Real talk, I am tired of seeing women throw on that corner bar special when they should have that business casual jumpoff on instead. That is not sexy!!
  3. A lady that has a sense of purpose. I love a lady who has something else going on in their life. A goal, a plan, a purpose!! That is sexy. I don’t have time for a woman who only wants to sit with their nose under your armpits all day, cramping what you have going on. That ain’t sexy!!! Women who have short and long term goals that they must accomplish is where it’s at!
  4. A lady who has a natural sexy. Women shouldn’t have to try to hard to be sexy. It is not about top shelf fashion or tons of makeup. A lady can be sexy in a simple jogging suit and tennis shoes with not one dab of makeup on! The sexyness should come across as natural and effortless. Almost to say that “this is how I wake up!” Sexy is that vibe a person has. It exudes them without them saying a word. Shit half the time sexy walks in the door right before them! About ten seconds before she walks in you get that feeling like, something sexy is about to go down; and in she strolls! That’s sexy.
  5. A lady that leaves something to the imagination. If you have on an outfit that leaves me thinking a thing or two…. that’s sexy! I don’t want to know everything you due to your lack of clothing. And if I am with you, I definitely don’t want you walking around showing the world what I come home to!! That is not sexy!
  6. A lady that is confident. I love a queen who confident in who they are and what they look like. She shouldn’t chase the body type of this model, or the looks of that singer. If you are confident in your size and you know how to highlight your assets well, you are sexy!!!
  7. A lady that can pay her way. It is so sexy when a lady lets her date know that she has the bill! That is sexy. Ladies it is alright to every once in awhile pay for the meal, or treat your man to the movies. Especially if 100% of the time he is footing everything. Tell him to grab the tip and keep it moving boo!
  8. A lady that is not afraid to be a lady. Someone you can bring home to your family and friends and she present herself as the ultimate lady is sexy. She doesn’t have to be a dimepiece, but if she acts as if she is a woman then she has won half the battle. That is sexy!!!!
  9. A lady who has inner beauty. A lady who has that inner glow to herself is sexy. When she can walk into a room and light the whole place up just by a simple smile is sexy!
  10. A lady who knows how to love. If a lady is not afraid to give and receive love, she is sexy. As we get older we bump into more and more people who have been jaded by their past experiences. It is sexy if they are smart enough to learn from the past, but wise enough to move forward and love. Nothing more sexier than love!!

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