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Written by on January 20, 2015

Danny Ocean graces us all with the Daily Fresh, which is always ripe with the visual fruit. But I want to take a minute to be very deliberate about what I think is beautiful.

It’s not news to anybody that I’m big on eye candy. As a matter of fact, i think I’ve got cavities on both my retinas. But as I’ve matured, I’ve learned that physical beauty alone, is no match for a sexy She-Mogul with goals, sharp wit, and a mean walk that I can follow with my eyes in pursuit of the alluring smell of “100% Woman”. Oh….and let’s not forget classy. A woman with class will magnify her physical beauty 3fold……well,in my eyes anyway. And my opinon’s as valid as any 🙂 You throw all of these qualities into a bag and shake’em up…and you get something like:


Vanessa Williams has graced the world with her beauty for 46 years. She would become known to the world as the first Miss America of African-American descent. She would have her beauty assaulted, and her reign end over scandal. But…..She would continue to rise, and forever earn my respect because of how she weathered the storm, without bowing her head, losing her composure, or letting her smile fade. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but she’s intelligent, accomplished, versatile, and resilient.  She’s a mother:

An accomplished Artist, a daughter, a sister, and a credit to all women. As a matter of fact, she’s one of The Greatest Beauties Of All Time!

Her success is a testament to her mental, and physical strength and beauty.

FYI….although she would gracefully resign her position as Miss America, she would be allowed to keep her crown, her scholarship money, and is officially recognized by the Miss America Organization as “Miss America 1984”.



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