7 Things I Thought I Would See Before A Mayweather x Pacquiao Fight

Written by on January 14, 2015


Somebody clean a spot at Lounge Lyday for a brother like me, because it looks like we are finally having the Mayweather x Pacquiao fight. A fight that is about 3 years past its prime but hey….. better late than later. Because who are they fooling? We all knew it would happen; it was just a matter of time. And according to reports…. the time is now.

 Promoter Bob Arum told Yahoo Sports on Tuesday that Manny Pacquiao has agreed to terms for a May 2 bout with Floyd Mayweather, and that the only thing in the way of the long-awaited fight occurring is Mayweather’s approval.

Arum said Mayweather’s representatives have also agreed to the deal but have not been able to get Mayweather’s agreement. However, there is no verification from anyone representing Mayweather whether Arum’s side is accurate.


Now before we start marinating the wings and things, yo boy Mayweather has to agree to the terms. Hopefully, Floyd won’t prolong the inevitable and sign on the dotted line so we can get perhaps the last major boxing event in the next 10 years on and popping. However, I do understand why they took so damn long…. what else does boxing have?

I can’t think of another boxing card that will garner as much attention as Mayweather v Pacquiao, so I see why they stretched out the fight, they wanted to get as many people as possible fiending for it before they danced in the ring.

In all actuality I can think of 7 other things we would have seen before this fight.


1. I would be able to sing Miley Cyrus song – I don’t much about the girl other than she used to be on Disney and became hood famous for twerking. I can’t name a song, nor can I hum a tune.

2. The Milwaukee Bucks would win another championship – The last time the Bucks did their thing I was just a twinkle in Ma Dukes eye. So for the last 40 some odd years my city has been itching for another celebration. Nope… nada…. They had a glimmer of hope with Big Dog, Ray Allen, and Sam Cassell but the 76ers spoiled that wet dream. Now all they have left is the perpetual maybe next year.



3. The jheri curl would come back into style – Everything seems to work in cycles, just like Chris Brown is just amping like Michael. We have seen the return of the high-top fade with the monster part. So I thought we would see cats walking through the mall with S-Curls and Kitchen Magicians fully in tact. I expected to see dudes front row with wet necks smelling like Crown Royal and conversion vans watching the fight.

4. Detox or Rehab or Weed Distillery (whatever the hell he will call it) finally drops – The last thing on Dr. Dre’s radar is dropping an album. He is making tons of money off that Beats deal. So why waste time on hip hop? But you never know with these rap dudes, maybe Mayweather would come to the ring with that new Dre blasting through the MGM.



5. Taylor Swift and Kanye West would have a single. Right now Taylor Swift is on top of the pop world, and we all know that America loves the make up story.And what could be a bigger story than Taylor Swift and Kanye West making a song together…. shit! I can see them on MTV getting interviewed talking about “we decided to give the world what they want! There is so much racism in the world today, we want to come together and bridge the gap” Awwww…. the perfect story.

6. We would get a homosexual female Muslim as a President – Talking about shocking the world…..



7. OutKast would drop that final album to fulfill their contract obligations –  After seeing Big Boi and 3 Stacks perform all summer, I assumed that they had a card up they sleeve. After spending countless hours on the road why not record a 10 song album? Nothing too taxing, but just enough to fed the masses.

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