I Watched Empire So That You Wouldn’t Have To

Written by on January 8, 2015


So after months and months of promotion Fox premiered the Terrence Howard, Taraji P. Henson show Empire, and of course I had to watch it. For the most part it was an entertaining show, not in a good I must rush home to watch it, but more in a let me dvr about 8 episodes and try to catch up on one of those Saturdays when I don’t have much to do kind of way. It offered all of the required characterizations and plots to keep people in front of their screens.

* You had the started from the bottom now you here record label boss Luscious Lyon played by Terrence Howard. He is the CEO of Empire  and has been diagnosed with ALS. Supposedly he has 3 years to live but something tells me if this show becomes a hit, he will be around for how ever long the ratings stay high. Luscious sounds as if he was a successful artist at some point, maybe he was a rapper who dropped the hit “It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp?” Didn’t it win an Academy Award? Or am I confusing some shit?

* You had the ex-con Cookie, played by Taraji P. Henson. She apparently was the drug king pin of the family who footed 400k to start the label. However, somewhere along the way she caught a bid and has returned to get what is hers.  Cookie is the highlight of the pilot episode. She has the slick mouth, fly gear, and she beat her son with a broom! Don’t fuck with Cookie.


* You have the My Three Sons: One is a business man, one is an r&b artist, and the youngest is a rapper. This line up gives you inter-racial love, homosexual love, and I got beat with a broom love.

* And you had the lame as soundtrack that usually accompanies any tv show or movie that has actors trying to be singers or rappers. I wonder at what point will Luscious spit a rap?

Something tells me that with all the drama that dropped last night on the show, it’s aim is to go for shock value. Maybe it will work in this reality tv addicted culture, or maybe it will run thin. But I will say that during the first episode a lot of ridiculous shit was happening, and from the previews we are in store for some more.

I am in hopes that this show survives and maintains an audience, we need more hip hop centered shows on tv. Also after watching the pilot episode 50 has nothing to worry about, Power is safe. But what stuck out in my mind as I watched this show was…….


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