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Written by on January 7, 2015


If you are a follower of this “blog-a-zine” you know that Danny P Ocean is married. In fact I did a whole little series on the run-down to my big day. And as a follow up I want to tell you that I am happy Moguls. Of course I have to adjust to the fact that I have another person sharing my last name. Sometimes I still look around when someone ask me how the wife and daughter are doing. But all in all I am good. I picked the right one to call Mrs. Ocean. I can see us growing old together with her watching whatever lame show is on the Ion channel, while I watch SportsCenter episodes like something really changed in the last 15 minutes. You know enjoying life. These happy thoughts leave me wondering how someone can stay in a marriage/relationship if they are truly not happy.

That’s stupid!

I understand staying with someone through the bitter, as long as at some point the sweet returns. But to remain in a relationship that you are not happy with just to “be” in a relationship is as asinine as it comes.

Imagine, would you go to a barber if he constantly fucks your lining up week after week. Even if back in the day he gave you the freshest fade this side of Kane? Now let’s double it up and say that the barber not only messes up your lining but he also curses you out, threatens you, and occasionally slaps the back of your head. You would leave him correct? Well why are you still in your relationship/marriage?

Life is too short to ride shotgun in a situation that pisses you off to the utmost. I have seen friends completely unhappy but remain with their significant other just because they have years in the book. What is the purpose Moguls? Are we afraid to start over? Or are we just conditioned to be in relationships that we will put up with anything?

Wouldn’t life be grand if you were actually in a relationship that you wanted to be in? Sometimes you have to count your losses, chalk it up as a lesson learned and move on. No matter how much shit they may have to move out of the house, or how many feeling get hurt in the process you have to be true to yourself and in turn be true to them.

Once you get over 30 a relationship for the sake of “relationshiping” should not even be on the table.  If you know for a fact that the relationship has no happy ending move on and count your blessings. Wipe the dirt of your shirt and on to the next one Moguls. Play a sad song to make you cry, dry your eyes and find another fish. It ain’t that bad.

So with that all being said, I am glad I chose my wife wisely. I don’t foresee any fucked up linings in the future.

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  1. Anonymous   On   January 9, 2015 at 2:53 pm

    This is beautiful, I feel u on getting out when things remain broken over the years. You & your lovely wife( my beautiful friend) are awesome together, you have given her a smile again.

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