Rappers Should Take Notes From Taylor Swift

Written by on January 5, 2015


So this past holiday season Taylor Swift sent a select few of her fans a Christmas gift. Taylor called the season Swiftmas and the goodness in her heart went viral as the clip showed fan after fan screaming as if Michael, Elvis, and The Beatles popped out of the boxes on them. Now that Moguls, is what we call promotion at it’s finest.

Rappers, singers, and just about any other artist who relies on fan’s happiness to put food on their table should take note. Taylor Swift spent a little coin and the return on her investment may pay off for the rest of the album run. Good marketing Taylor.

Instead of hating Ms Swift and how she was the only artist to sell a million copies of her album last year, artist should be peeping the technique and figuring out a way to incorporate her moves to their repertoire. Taylor, already selling a million, could have sat back this holiday season and counted her recording blessings. But she decided to go grass roots and personalize her fans Christmas with a gift from herself. Who still does that nowadays?

Other artist could bite her style and send out……

  1. Blunts to wrap that holiday ganja their fans will light up.
  2. Send out coupons to name brand fashion spots so that their fans could buy the good shit for Rapmas.
  3.  Concert tickets to fans who purchased their album.
  4. Mail makings of documentaries in order for fans to get behind the scenes footage.
  5. Autographed posters and pictures.
  6. Exclusive download codes for fans to have access to rare, unreleased music.

In other words, artist need to think out of the box in hopes to garner sales in a climate where purchasing music is no longer the norm. By using the Taylor Swift method artist may be able to move a few more units and reward their fans in the process.

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