The 6 Types of People To Avoid Getting Relationship Advice From

Written by on January 5, 2015


Maintaining a relationship is hard as hell Moguls, ain’t it? The easy part is usually the chase. Getting the apple of your eye to want to date you exclusively is a walk in the park compared to keeping them under your wings. There is no set way to keep a man or woman happy, each one is like a snowflake unique in their own little way. So that is why we as humans tend to seek advice from our family and friends. But buyer beware! All advice is not good advice. You have to take into consideration just who you are getting the advice from. For example an eagle should not get advice from an ant on how to spot food from a mile away. Right? Just like you shouldn’t get advice from the 6 types of characters listed below.

1) People who have not been a relationship in a while. – What can these people really tell you? How to survive not being in a relationship since W Bush was in office. And out of all people I think these are the worst because they seem to have so much information to give. What you shouldn’t be doing. What you shouldn’t accept. If you follow their doctrine you will end up being alone just like them watching Tyler Perry movies on a Friday night in your pjs.

2) People who have been in multiple relationships in a short time frame. – These are the ones who can’t keep a relationship for whatever reason. Either they break up with their lady because she has hair on her arms. Or they run out on their man because he didn’t want to wear matching shirts while holding hands at the mall. It doesn’t matter what the reason is, the quotes on websites like Life hacks implicate that such people cannot stay in a relationship to save their life. What can they share with you?

3) People who are in those story book relationships. – Sometimes our friends can be in storybook relationships, the ones that Paul McCartney sings about. You know the ones where your friend talks about how her man walks up hill both ways with one shoe on in the middle of a blizzard to deliver lunch that manages to stay piping hot EVERY day. Or the guy who lambasts the fact that your wife doesn’t cook dinner and keep the house clean because his wifey does it every day while working 12 hour shifts. We all can’t have the relationship that legends are made of. Be wary of the advice they give because they may not understand why your man has you working a regular 9-5, while her husband can afford to keep the expenses afloat on his 6 figure salary.

4) Facebook – Facebook ain’t nothing but the devil. No good advice comes from Facebook.

5) The player – This individual will have you out there getting your car windows busted out Moguls! The player usually doesn’t have the time or patience for bumps in the relationship road. They are usually the “please um and leave um type”. So the only advice they may have for you is how to successfully catch amnesia when you break up with your boo thang. When you go to your homie to talk about how your girl burned the frozen pizza, his advice will be something along the lines of “Hey man, I know this chick who can cook pizza that will have you slap everyone in Italy, you wanna meet her?”

6)  Your aunt who was never married – That aunt who has never been married, no children, lives with 10 cats, and can quote every scripture out the Good Book may not be the best person to give sound advice on a relationship. I’m just saying. Why? What has she been through? Just because she can make great smothered chicken and rice doesn’t mean she can tell you how to sustain a relationship that last the test of time. She either A) Didn’t ever want to get married and that is cool, but she can’t tell you how to keep a man, B) She couldn’t hold a man’s attention long enough to get them to ask her to jump the broom. Don’t trust any advice that she is pushing. Even though you may love her to death the only advice she may be able to give to you is how to cook the famous meatloaf for your man.

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