A Day In The Life Of Danny P…….. Wendy’s Epic Fail

Written by on December 18, 2014



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I swear to goodness, if I ever see Wendy walking down the street I will get some of my girls to whip her azz. Straight up!! Or at least the girls would cut her red ponytails. You wanna know why you ask? Glad you asked. The other day I rolled up to Wendys for a little lunch break, calling myself getting a double, fries, and lemonade. Sounds fair doesn’t it? Well I wish it was so simple.

I get back to the “UML” office and begin to partake in my fast food delight. Well as I was halfway through my fires I smelled a stench that made me stop and look around. I’m like what the fuck is that smell??? It smelled as if one of my co-workers walked past my desk and shitted on my foot. Horrible!! So I look around and realized it was just me in there. So what the hell could that smell be??? I looked in my hand and glanced at the HALF eaten French fry and realized…… this fry smells like SHIT!! It had a smell as if someone took the fry and personally dumped on it and put it in my little medium fry box, on some fuck Danny P’s lunch break! Straight disrespectful. I immediately spit out the fry, got into my feelings, and threw the rest of the food into the nearest trash can. How could Wendy do me like this? After all we have been through. Why would she take a potato and clean her insides with it and then serve it to me? This tear that falls from my eye is a tear for Wendy.

So yeah I’m on some fuck Wendy shit right now. As a matter of fact, fuck Wendy and anyone who looks like her. Even if it was the last restaurant on Earth I wouldn’t eat there! If I ever see her on the street I’m slapping a burger out of her ass!! I shouldn’t have pulled into that drive-thru any damn way.

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