How To Shake That Witch’s Brew

Written by on December 16, 2014


I know Moguls, sometimes you can’t shake it like you used to. The drinks went down so good last night, but the morning after something just doesn’t feel right. It was all good tossing back a few, and yeah you know you probably shouldn’t have started at 6:00 p.m. But it was so fun! Good times, good laughs, good drinks; but somewhere around 11 it began to get a lil blurry. Next thing you know you are laying face down on the floor, with a bad feeling hanging on!

What to do?!?!?!

We over at UML have been through a few of those situations before, no fun. But the quicker you learn how to shake em off, the quicker you can join in on the next round of games. So I’ma tell you, what a player told we…..

Fix what got you there – Make a glass of the drink that put you on your @#@!  The theory is simple, if you can drink a little more of the “bad” stuff then you can stand the rough. By drinking just a little more, you will cure the symptoms of what got you queasy to begin with.

Water/Gatorade/Juice – Most of the time your body is simply dehydrated and needs some good ole’ H2O. If you don’t want aqua then juices/Gatorade should work. But be careful, if you were drinking Goose and Cranberry the night before make sure you can handle another glass of cranberries! How embarrassing would it if you are sitting at your desk spittin up cause the smell of cranberries gave you one!

A Big Greasy Breakfast– Sometimes you just have to soak up as much of the garbage as possible, and nothing is better at that than a greasy breakfast. A hamburger, pizza, sausages in natural or artificial casings (check out natural vs artificial casings post), etc are all good choices. Just make sure you eat slow and get full.

Sleeping– Sometimes the bed fells like it is moving 30 mph, and you have to move around. But if you can stand laying in the bed longer,and you don’t have to go to work or have anything planned, sleep it off. Deal with the world in a few more hours.

Visit the porcelain throne– I know you we all hate this, but sometimes you have to take the big boy/girl pill and do what you gotta do. Get it all out, hop back in the bed and try again a little later.

PICKLE JUICE – Who knew the juice from a pickle could do you good? But our Russian friends seem to have the technique down. Before you go to bed throw back a shot or two of pickle juice. It will help you out the next morning guaranteed. And if you have it like that, from time to time as you drink mix in the pickle juice.

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