From A Moguls Desk……. 2 Million Moguls Served!!!

Written by on December 16, 2014


Salutations Moguls! Somewhere over the night we hit our 2 millionth hit at Urban Mogul Life. That is an accomplishment considering that blogs come and go like farts in the night. We have seen grand openings/grand closing of many sites in our existence. Movements have set up spots, blew them up and then fizzled away like trap houses in the hood. But somehow UML has remained standing like a pyramid in the sand. That is not only a testament to our dedication but it also is a testament to our followers and supporters. So with that being said I would like to on behalf of UML say thank you!

Some of you have been down with us from the get-go. You have seen UML grow from its humble beginnings; when we were nothing more than an upstart blog trying to make a dent in the blog-a-sphere. Now as our team has expanded over the last few months it feels like a whole new beginning in some sense. We are at the verge of taking our blog-a-zine to new heights and expanding our reach to new readers, interest and areas.

In these last five years, we’ve logged over 8,700 posts. 8,000 POSTS, Muthafunka can you buy that? As I have said before…this isn’t easy; but hey this is the way Moguls play. This is our contribution to the world.

Now let’s look to tomorrow shall we?? We have a few things lined up for the 2015 year that will be better than the last. We have planned more events, more contest, more merchandise, more exclusive features, more Cool content, and we will expand our Brand.

So once again thank you and we look forward to making the next 2 million hits better than the last!

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