Health & Wellness Bulletin: Urban Mogul Life Welcomes Shon to our team.

Written by on December 15, 2014

Shon is a Learning Specialist in the city of Milwaukee, who has earned her Master’s Degree in Program Planning and Instructional Design. She promotes life-long learning and is dedicated to improving the health and fitness of her community. A vegetarian for over 10 years, she swore off meat, because of her family. “I knew that I had to get busy doing the hard work of making consistently healthy choices; I had my child watching me make so many poor choices and doing exactly as I did, I couldn’t allow that to continue. At my heaviest I was 173 lbs; standing just 2 inches above 5 feet tall, that was too much for my body to bear. I was on at least four different medications for migraines, depression, anxiety and allergies and was I tired all the time. I thought that I couldn’t afford to eat well because real food was so expensive and I was a student-parent on a strict budget. I am happy to say that I was VERY wrong.”

She learned the hard way that in order to change her body, she must change her mind. Through a combination of prayer, meditation and Yoga she has gained the ability to manage cravings and cope with post-indulgence guilt. Eating a 70/30 raw/cooked along with juicing fruits and vegetables 3-4 days each week eliminated the need for all prescribed medication.  Her favorite ways to stay active are hiking and dancing. Walking the stairs at work and everywhere else she can is one way she ensures she remains active. She hopes to add swimming back into her routine soon. In 2012, she designed and presented a healthy lifestyle program to the Boys & Girls Club and is currently completing research on poverty and its effects on health and wellness, with the goal of becoming a Registered Dietician by 2017 and obtaining her Ph.D. by the year 2020.


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