So, Looks Like We About To Get That D’Angelo Album…….

Written by on December 12, 2014

So I’m on Facebook minding my own business and I see this trailer…… Black Messiah. No this ain’t a Black Jesus spin-off. This is a D’Angelo album. Yeah that D’Angelo!!! The D’Angelo who hasn’t dropped a new collection of work since 2000 D’Angelo. The D’Angelo who’s James River album turned into a Detox for Neo-Soul cats D’Angelo. Yeah Moguls, that D’Angelo. He is finally supposedly dropping a new album entitled Black Messiah. And the killer thing Moguls…. is that it might drop as soon as next Tuesday. What The Damn!!!!

This is that shit I been talking about, someone bringing hype back to the game!! This cat not only hasn’t dropped a video yet, the dude ain’t even drop a single. And somehow playboy was able to keep it under wraps. Yeah we all knew that supposedly an album was dropping, but fuck we know that Jesus is supposed to return one day as well. Right along with Halley’s Comet, tax season, and Tupac. But for it to hit us out of the blue on a Friday afternoon like this when I was minding my own business……. good shit D’Angelo this is how you return; Black Messiah style.



So now all that is left to do is wait. We waited 15 years for this moment, we sure as hell can wait the weekend. Can’t we? Look for Black Messiah next Tuesday…….. hopefully.

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