Dear Black America (2014/2015):

Written by on December 7, 2014

Dear Black America


Without getting into the specifics of injustice and lack of concern or value for the lives of black men, there are a few things that desperately need our attention.
First, we must abandon our selective outrage and push for justice and equality on a consistent basis. In addition to what is making the headlines, we must not ignore  how HIV & AIDS is plaguing our communities, the education gap still exists as does disproportionate incarceration rates.
Next, we must not wait on the government and/or judicial system to improve before WE do. I challenge us to govern ourselves. It is not illegal to govern one’s self in the form of self love and spreading that love across our communities.
Also, we must acknowledge that we are fighting two wars. The “Them versus US” war is the most evident and there is truth to it. It is not to be ignored, but maybe another approach should be taken. I don’t anticipate solution to present itself in the form of one person leading us. The other war that we are fighting is “US versus US.” WE kill each other, disrespect each other and don’t love each other, but there is no outrage. We have to begin with valuing and loving ourselves. Again, it isn’t against the law to smile, greet one another, love one another and protect one another.
This is NOT a full fledged “how to fix us” kind of a message, but more of a “What do you think about this and what will YOU do to change it” kind of message.
So…What will you do?


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