I Will Be A Father……

Written by on December 3, 2014


When I think of fathers I think of cats like James Evans, dudes who provide for their family no matter how much the odds are stacked against them. James Evans would find a way to make $3.28 pay the rent, buy a week’s worth of greens and catfish, and have a nickel to send Michael to the store. Grown Man shit.

When I think of dads I think of my Uncle Charles. He was the type of pops who you didn’t wanna fool around with. He could just look at you and make you straighten up. He gave off the aurora that you could not pull a fast one on him. He saw it all before so he didn’t fall for the okie-doke.

When I think of Pop Dukes, I think of just about every man out there who has held it down for their families doing what is needed to be done to make sure that their family has food, clothing and shelter. When you become a father it seems like overnight you get the Uncle Phil bald spot, stomach, and wisdom.   All of a sudden you go from the dude who drank the bong water to the man who fries turkeys for the family on Thanksgiving.

When I think of a father, it is time for me to see myself in that thought.

Today I went with my wife as she had her ultrasound and the thought of me being a dad is becoming more and more real. Just seeing my child kick, swim, and push brought a feeling to me that I never felt before. It even seemed at one point he/she began to suck his/her thumb. I sat there and caught myself smiling. All I could think of was, damn I am about to be somebody’s dad.

Who would have thought that the dude who loved apple pies from McDonalds is about to be become a father? Just earlier this year I wrote about how not having my father around affected me, and by Father’s Day next year I will hopefully be celebrating fatherhood with my first seed. Ironic huh? Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.

I am not sure the point of this post, other than to put into words that Danny P Ocean, aka El Fatiah, aka Shuggie Otis, aka El Figadee, aka Black Caesar, aka Phase One, aka Baby B, aka King DeBron aka whole bunch of other names is about to become a father. And damnit….. it feels good!!!

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