Jewelz To Live By/ Or Ones To Die To: Wisdom For Men (Vol 1)

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We all should live by an order that is higher than ourselves. Whether it be religion, morals, or codes, we should all have something that guides our day to day. For me I like to call this guiding force Jewelz.

For years I have giving you Jewelz of the Day which are nothing more than daily affirmations to help you get through life. But now it is time for me to show how move thru a room filled with vultures. How to pick that suit. What to do when your friend’s ex wants to sleep with you. What to do when you spill marinara sauce on your silk shirt. What is the difference between a 4.0 and a 4.6 (Do them shits even come with leather?) Because so many of us have grown without proper guidance, I am here for you.

I introduce to you…… Wisdom For Men (Vol 1)

  1. Hold doors open for women – This is probably one of the most famous rules that we all learn at a very young age; hold doors open for the females. It shouldn’t be that hard, should it? Actually if you were raised correctly it should be second nature for you. When a female is approaching a door and you are in the immediate vicinity hold it open. That is the least you can do, plus it shows that you were raised with good manners.
  2. A Mogul doesn’t sleep with a friend’s ex – This is real rule 101, under no circumstances should you sleep with a friend’s ex. Why should you? There are plenty of fresh fish out there in the waters for you to snag, unless of course you are stranded on an island with Gilligan and the Skipper too. I have seen the Power of the P tear friendships apart. Cats who have been boys for years fell out when one of them started sleeping with the other’s ex. And the worse thing about it is that 75% of the time the dudes don’t even stay with the booty. It was nothing more than some damaged goods that they wanted to run up in for a second.
  3. Only date women who have things to offer – Back in the day on the campus of Grambling, my IceBerg Brother Cochise told me that “broke girls is a no-no!!” Unless you are young, dumb, and full of cum you should not be interested in worthless dates.  If she doesn’t have a good job, move around. If she has more baby daddies than cars, move around.  If she hasn’t held a job since Bush Jr. was in office, move around. You get the point here? When in doubt move around. All you are inviting for yourself is years of headaches if something goes wrong. (Like you becoming the 5th baby daddy.) It is cool to save a chick from time to time, or even raising you one could be beneficial to your ego.  But no righteous minded Mogul should want to take project after project on. Date someone that can offer something to the situation.
  4. Unless you are a superhero or have children, you should not wear your phone on your belt – Batman has utility belts. Why? Because Batman time and time again gets into shit that requires utility belts, a normal man doesn’t. There was once a time when we had to wear phones attached to our belt because they were so huge. But now unless you have a phablet it is easy as ever to slide your phone into your pocket.
  5. Wait 96 hours before calling a lady for the first time– “Why Danny P?” “”I heard that you should wait 3 days, why the extra 24 hours?” Glad you asked. If you heard about the 3 day rule, you can bet your blue blazer that she heard of the 3 day rule also. The extra 24 hours can make her feel extra special because you went above and beyond the 24 hour rule. Plus you don’t want to her to feel that you are extra anxious do you?
  6. Give up your seat to women and the elderly – If you are in a crowded room and all seats have been taken and an elderly man/woman or lady walks in give them your seat. Not only will it make you look like a gentleman, each time you give up your seat an angel gets his/her wings.
  7. A Mogul pays for the first 3 dates, but never more than 7 in a row– Out the gate you need to pay for the dates, that is self-explanatory. Even if she asks you out for lunch first, spot the bill. In fact the first 3 or so bills you should pick up. But when it gets to be around 6 or more and she hasn’t even lifted a finger, skate on home-slice; she has nothing to offer (see Jewel #3). A lady that is worth the oats will at least offer to go Dutch by date 5. And if she doesn’t proceed to continue with caution.
  8. Punctuality, be on time – If you are on time you are actually late I was taught. Therefore I try to arrive everywhere at least 15 minutes early.
  9. Never dress the same as your girlfriend or friends (for that matter) – Unless you are on stage signing songs with your wife or 4 brothers you should not be caught wearing the same thing as your girlfriend/wife or friends. The last time I wore the same thing as my girlfriend we were walking around Six Flags and was knee-deep in high school. And the last time I wore the same thing as another dude we were pop-locking on cardboard and I had the name Baby B on the back of my shirt.
  10. Even if you are lost, NEVER be the one who ask for directions– In the age of smart phones, and gps’ there is absolutely no need to ask for directions. I mean damn, dudes toughed it out with much less decades ago. Wilson and Clark didn’t ask how to get to the Beaver Trap store did they? Hell naw, they licked a finger and pointed it in the air and said westward. So I know for a fact you can figure out how to get to a strip club!!! Man up Moguls. Even when your wife says to you “do you know where you going?” Look her in the eyes and say “I got this.” Even if you are 3 hours off track.

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