Roc Boys (The Winner Is) or Danny P Ocean and the Art of Living

Written by on November 28, 2014

When a Mogul arrives at his favorite spot, and the spot is called T’s Puzzles (Don’t wanna give out free pub), and the time is 12:34 am, and he is with 11 of his closest friends, and he is dressed in his normal, midnight blue suit, orange pocket square, white shirt, and black shoes (because he doesn’t play dress up) this is what it looks like:

He arrives and enters through the back entrance because there are too many people crowding the front of the spot. He passes by the cook,  Charlie, and takes a mozzarella stick from a plate and laughs. As passes through the front swinging doors he hears the piano man, Robert, playing a tune he hasn’t heard in a few years; it is music to his ears. He goes to his table that is always available for him whenever he shows up except instead of a regular wooden chairs he and his friends gets the black leather executive chairs. Because Moguls get the finer things in life.

At the table he has waiting for his party a bottle of Red Berry Ciroc with a bucket of rocks to keep the drinks chill. There are also bottles of Crown Royal Apple, D’usse, and Three Olives so that everyone in the party has the poison of their choice.  Before he gets comfortable the cute waitress whom he calls Candice (Even though her name is Alicia) comes over to ask if everything is to the liking. He smiles and says yes ma’am and offers her a twenty right off the top of his bank roll. (That way he knows they will be taken care of for the rest of the night.)

While the crew sips drinks and laugh as if they own the night, other patrons come up to the table to talk to the various Moguls seated. Many of them exchange pleasantries and handshakes as only true bosses can. IceBerg Slim could not have wrote a more perfect scene as lady after lady stands around in hopes to get chosen, but they not choosing.  They are here to simply celebrate another deal that was struck to further their partnership. It’s a party.

When the Mogul steps into an establishment it turns into an instant party. Conversations become more vibrant, lights get more dim, drinks get more chill, and music gets more cooler. When the liquor level inside of the bottles get lower, Big Money Mike sends over another collection. Big Money although not an official member of the Crew has been down since the get go; sort of a  Cappadonna if you will. Danny has known him since the days of getting faded at Ebony’s. A real stand up dude.

Candice and only Candice brings plates of Chicken Parmesan which is a dish that he loves. Just filling enough to soak up the glasses of Ciroc that he has downed since the night shift began. After he finishes his last fork of Chicken Parmesan, he dabs his mouth with a napkin that looks like a pocket square, places it on the table and gets up to enjoy the night.

This is a night to remember for most people, but to a Mogul it is just one of many. This is Mogul Life.

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