Mind Your Manners

Written by on November 26, 2014

We all know what time of the year it is, with that being said we will either be hosting or visiting someone humble a bold. There’ll be friends and family present, maybe some new guest. If your your a guest in someone else’s domain here’s a few things to remember.

1. Remember to be on time, if the host is late serving the meal that’s on them plus this gives you time to mingle. Try to converse with someone you may not know to well.

2. Offer to bring a dish or a beverage and don’t bring any to go dishes. To go dishes are tacky and give a bad look.

3. Stay off of your phone and enjoy the people that are in your presence. Nothing’s wrong glance just incase it isn’t an emergency.

4. If there’s a dish you don’t care for no need to make a scene about it. The best way in my eyes is to go easy on your first plate so that you don’t waste food and also doesn’t offend the cook. My mama puts her foot in all meals so I have no worries, I’m maxing out.

5. Stir clear of discussing religion and politics. These type of discussions tend to lead to disagreements or someone giving the side eye. There’s no problem with not agreeing with others but there’s a time and place for these discussions. Plus if this is the first time you’re meeting a significant others family, let’s make a good impression. Especially if theres a chance of a future with the individual.

6. During the holidays the bubbly and dranks tend to flow more freely because a lot of individuals don’t have to go to work the following day. No your limit! No ones wants to see you make an ass of yourself and let alone the chance of you hugging the toilet.

7. If all possible DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT wreck the toilet after eating.

8. Don’t over due your welcome, it’s great to socialize but when you see the majority of the company leaving that should be your queue. People’s homes aren’t like clubs and you shouldn’t be waiting for the last call for alcohol.

These are just a few ways to handle yourself when hanging out with company. When it’s all said and done make sure to have a great time.


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