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Written by on November 19, 2014

Why put off for tomorrow what you can do today. Yes the holidays are upon us! Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Majority of people will be indulging in food loaded with calories and fats. Bottles will be popping and the drinks flowing, that’s all fine and dandy but don’t be surprised when you step on the scales come the middle of January. I’ll admit I’ve slipped up in the health department this year due to excuses and family lifestyle changes. But I’m never surprised when I step on the scale. I’ve been able to control my weight by simply controlling my food intake. I use to eat until I was tired, not full but tired. I’d like to encourage everyone to make a healthy decision to stay in shape. Let’s not wait until the new year to make resolutions, do it now; why wait. Keep that hibernate weight off, don’t be the person I see in the gym at the beginning of the year and come March you’re a ghost. Yes I’ve been on the health tip before it was fashionable and trendy, no hashtags(#healthgame) for me. We will be starting our daily health tips in hopes to help our fellow Moguls to stay in shape/healthy. Keep in mind healthiness isn’t designated to a certain shape or weight. We encourage you all to get up and out there and live HEALTHY.

For low to moderate-intensity, exercise at 60-70% of your predicted maximum heart rate level.


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