Mogul Etiquette 101….. A Mogul & Friends

Written by on November 10, 2014

  • A Mogul never gets so big that he/she can say or do things that make other people feel small.
  • A Mogul never lends more money that he/she can afford to loan and never borrows more than he/she can pay back.
  • A Mogul always introduces a younger person to an older person.
  • If a Mogul is introducing a man and a woman who is essentially the same age, he introduces the man to the woman.
  • A Mogul never assumes anybody knows anybody else. Moguls always make introductions.
  • Moguls always stand up when being introduced.
  • Moguls do not crash parties.
  • When entering a crowded room, a Mogul always walks a couple of steps behind a woman.

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