On Repeat…. Frank Ocean – Strawberry Swing

Written by on October 13, 2014

So WWIII is jumping off all around you. The sky is all purple and people are running everywhere. And all you can do is sit on your front porch with a glass of Ciroc Red Berry and watch how it all unfolds.

During the madness you think of past loves, friends from long ago, places you love. Then you see her face, the one you loved from a distant time long forgotten. Out of the millions of people you have come in contact with, she stands out. She may have not been the best looking,  but you loved her.

You remember the big pigtails that she sported in her plaid green skirt with knee-high socks. The way she smelled like a mixture of baby oil and cinnamon.You haven’t seen her since then, so you know you will never see her again. But you want to leave this Earth by telling her you loved her.

Beauty. Innocence. A love long lost. A time long forgotten. A piece of simplicity that has been stained. Your Strawberry Swing.

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