Exit Strategy?

Written by on October 9, 2014

As I sit in my cubicle writing this, yea I know I should be working and making someone some money. I don’t have the privilege of being self made or independently wealthy, so as I get older I think more and more of a exit strategy. I have a horrible thought of working until the day I kick the bucket, I don’t want the last comments from a former co-worker to be he looked great yesterday. I want people to have a wonderful memory of me from when I retired from there. I also want to make sure my spouse and kids are comfortable. Moguls it is very important to plan for tomorrow, I believe it’s a great idea to make your money work for you or to at least build a nest egg. At a early age I was able to hold a very good job that provided stock options, downside I was too young to appreciate it. I was young and blew through the money, the best thing I used a good portion of it for was to get married. I was in my early 20’s and had 20-30k sitting in an account, I thought I had made it. Fast forward to 2014 and only trace I have of that money is memories of a great wedding and I’m still married. I want you to ask yourself is your money working for you? I can admit that I need to get back on my grind and get back involved in the stock market. I want to finish my final days traveling with my wife, walking around the house naked if I choose when no ones home, turning the wrench on a car or motorcycle I’ve built while sipping on a cool beverage, own some property in a warm climate, spoiling the grandchildren and then sending them home to their parents. I do still have dreams of becoming a Venture Capitalist but I still have to prepare for the reality of it not happening. The link below is a good read that gives tips on how make your money for or at least help you create an exit strategy.

I was intimidated by investing, but here’s how I got started






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