Cuffing Season

Written by on October 9, 2014

According to my calendar it’s officially Cuffing season, if you don’t know what that means Google it. It’s time to hunker down, a lot of ppl spend more time in the home during this time of the year. This means the cost of running your humble a bold goes up. Well Moguls I like to save money and here’s a few tips that may come in handy.

Money savings tips:
Adjust your thermostat three degrees in either direction and you can save up to 20% on your home energy bill. Install CFL light bulbs, insulate your home, and put in some ceiling fans to help circulate the air to run them clockwise this summer and then counterclockwise when winter rolls around.

Money saving tips:
Whether it’s cable TV, cell phone, or Internet, teaser deals are always offered for new signups. Research online regularly to keep up with the best deals in your area. If you’re not currently under contract, you can save big by switching. Just be sure you make the change before your original service is cancelled, to avoid any personal inconvenience. And don’t forget to look into bundling opportunities to save even more.

Money saving tips:
Clipping coupons may seem passé, but if you’ve never done it you’re missing out on some great potential savings. If you get aggressive, you can spend up to 80% less on your grocery bills. Pick up some extra copies of the Sunday newspaper to multiply your savings, find out which days of the week your grocer doubles the value of coupons and shop only on that day. You can also involve the kids to cut down on the time you have to spend. Just hold a contest to see who can find the most coupons for the foods your family eats, and the kids are going to help ease your burden and have fun too.


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