Frank Ocean’s Pops sues Russell Simmons for ridiculous amount of money

Written by on September 15, 2014

Singer, writer, inventor* and father of frank Ocean is suing Russell Simmons for $142 million.  Calvin Cooksey (Frank Oceans pops) claims he was “unfairly portrayed as a horrible father on Simmons Website, Global Grind” according to TMZ.  According to Cooksey, Frank was taken away and hidden from him after the age of 5.

Besides lying about him being a bad father, Cooksey also says that Global Grind also never used his correct name.  So, basically he wants $142 million for being called a crappy dad….by the wrong name.  It’s as if the world is turning into Kanye West.

*They had me at inventor.  Who describes themselves as an inventor?  Frank Ocean’s pops does!  C’mon son—-NOBODY calls themselves an inventor unless they have created something that benefits society.  I want to see his office door with a sign that says: Calvin Cooksey-Inventor then maybe, just maybe, I’d be like “maybe dude does invent stuff”.  All of the blogs are reporting this story but No one is questioning his inventor status.  If I wrote “inventor” on my resume I’m pretty sure I’d start getting social security checks shortly after.

All that said….$142 million is a lot of money to pay out just for talking shit.


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